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    Have you been charged with a crime? After the initial shock wears off, do not hesitate to contact us at Villanueva Skura. We have the best defense attorneys in the Avondale area. Our lawyers will come up with the best defense strategy for your time in the courtroom. Contact us today for a consultation.

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    When you bring an attorney from Villanueva Skura aboard to defend you in a case, you are getting someone with years of experience in the courtroom. They will use their knowledge of the judicial system to give you the best representation while offering great payment plans.

    The Importance of Retaining Quality Legal Representation

    Results-Driven Legal Defense For Arizona Criminal Charges

    You want to be confident in the people representing your defense. Our attorneys at Villanueva Skura will give you that feeling from the very second that you meet them for a consultation. They have years of courtroom experience and will come up with the best strategy.

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    Solid Case Strategies To Overcome Criminal Charges In Avondale

    You may be very confused right after you have been charged with a crime by Avondale authorities. Come talk to us at Villanueva Skura and hear what our expert attorneys have to say about your case. They will give you affordable representation and have you feel at ease in the courtroom with their knowledge.

    First Class Legal Representation For Criminal Charges Near You

    Face A Wide Variety Of Felony & Misdemeanor Charges In Arizona

    It is our goal to defend you no matter what you are charged with, be it a felony or misdemeanor. The lawyers at Villanueva Skura are very well-versed in all aspects of the law and are more than willing to help guide you through the labyrinth that is Arizona criminal law. Contact us for a consultation and evaluation about these types of cases.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Assault Charges In Avondale

    If you are charged with assault, that means you supposedly injured someone or had them afraid they would be hurt. Avondale assault lawyers will counsel you.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Criminal Damage Charges In Avondale

    If you are charged with criminal damage, do not hesitate to contact a Villanueva Skura attorney. They will use their experience to defend you.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Disorderly Conduct Charges In Avondale

    This charge says you may have stressed people, caused them harm, or threatened their safety. Our capable Avondale attorneys will make the difference in court.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Domestic Violence Charges In Avondale

    Arizona views this as the most serious misdemeanor charge. If you are charged, it can ruin your life and relationships. Call us for the best defense.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Drug Crime Charges In Avondale

    You want the best defense lawyers to help defend you against drug charges, since they are very complex. Our great attorneys can mount a successful defense.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For DUI

    Arizona has tough laws to deter drunk drivers. The penalties include extensive jail time, which can ruin your life. We can defend your rights in court.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Juvenile Crime Charges In Avondale

    Having juvenile crimes on their record can leave a stain on your child’s future. The lawyers at Villanueva Skura will help defend them.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Pre-Charge Charges In Avondale

    You need to take advantage of the time between being investigated for a crime and being charged. Our criminal defense lawyers can prepare you.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Sex Crime Charges In Avondale

    Arizona takes sex crimes very seriously and you could face a long time in jail if you are convicted. Our lawyers at Villanueva Skura will defend your rights.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers For Theft Crimes Charges In Avondale

    Having a theft crime on your record can be very humiliating. It can seriously hurt your chances for employment. Contact us for help.

    What Our Clients Say About Our Legal Services

    Avondale’s Most Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers

    My Attorney Michelle Villanueva Skura helped me with my case and was able to drop charges. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle! I will recommend you to anyone seeking legal advise.

    Levi R. ★★★★★

    I had recently gotten myself into some trouble and thanks to the help from Michelle I was able to get my charges dropped. The staff was very professional and kept me informed in every detail regarding my case. Definitely would recommend to any friends and family.

    Isaac V. ★★★★★

    Michelle and her team do an excellent job. Michelle is a clever attorney. If a dismissal is not possible, they will look for ways to mitigate the consequences of your case. Numerous customer satisfaction awards, because they put in the extra effort.

    Realtor R. ★★★★★

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    Trustworthy Criminal Defense Lawyers That Will Fight For Your Rights

    When you hire a criminal defense attorney from Villanueva Skura, you are going to be getting excellence in the courtroom. Our lawyers have defended many kinds of cases and they know what strategies to use to secure a positive verdict for you. Contact us for affordable defense.

    Skilled Legal Representation For Criminal Charges In Avondale
    Criminal Defense And Criminal Representation With Payment Plans

    If you are going to be in court, you want someone that is trustworthy to defend you. The criminal defense attorneys from Villanueva Skura fit that bill.

    Avondale's Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys
    Felony Defense Lawyers Providing Legal Aid In Avondale

    You can be assured that when you hire a criminal defense attorney from Villanueva Skura, you are getting excellent representation.

    Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers For First Time Offenders
    Exclusive Legal Consultation For Criminal Charges

    It can be an emotionally confusing time for people charged for the first time. Our criminal defense lawyers will guide you from the start.

    Leading Defense Attorneys For Repeat Felony Offenders
    Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers For Repeated Felony Offenses

    Our attorneys believe that everyone deserves the best defense – even if they have committed a crime before. They will use their skills for you.

    Avondale's Top Criminal Defense Law Firm With Payment Plans
    Experienced Court Representation For Felony Charges

    Are you facing criminal charges and need an attorney to defend you? Worried about your budget? We offer easy payment plans at Villanueva Skura.

    Trusted Criminal Defense Law Firm With Five Star Reviews
    5 Star Rated Criminal Law Firm In Avondale

    Our highly-rated attorneys will give you both affordable and excellent defense representation in court. Contact us for a consultation.

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