Chandler Sex Crimes Attorney

Serious Representation for Serious Charges

If you are facing a sex crime allegation or charge, it is imperative that you speak to a Chandler sex crimes lawyer.  Sex crimes in Arizona are not only the most aggressively prosecuted crimes but also the most heavily stigmatized.  At Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law, we understand that charges and mere allegations can destroy families and an individual’s future.

The most common mistakes prior clients have made is believing that if you are not guilty and you cooperate with the police they can clear up the mistake.  Never speak to law enforcement without an attorney present.  Your liberty and future may depend on your ability to remain silent.

If you are facing allegations, discuss your case with our Chandler sex crimes attorney in a free consultation now!

We offer relentless criminal defense representation to clients facing charges involving all types of criminal sex offenses, including:

  • Sexual abuse: ARS §13-1404
  • Sexual assault: ARS §13-1406
  • Sexual conduct with a minor: ARS § 13-1405
  • Sexual misconduct: ARS §13-1418
  • Molestation of a child: ARS §13-1410
  • Prostitution: ARS §13-3200 et. al.
  • Violent sexual assault: ARS §13-1423
  • Indecent exposure: ARS § 13-1402

This is not an exhaustive list, but the examples represent the different types of charges and the different contexts in which they can arise. Each of these charges can generally be charged as a felony.  If you are convicted, you could face decades in prison.  You need to act immediately to protect your Constitutional rights by contacting a Chandler sex crimes lawyer at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law.

Safeguarding Your Rights

Given the seriousness of sex crimes charges in Arizona, the police and investigators take these situations very seriously.  You can rest assured that the police will not leave any stone unturned when investigating a sex crime.

If you find yourself being questioned by law enforcement you need to remember your Constitutionally-guaranteed rights; your right to remain silent and your right to have an attorney represent you during the process of investigation.  Do not attempt to talk your way out of a situation.  Anything you say will be used by the police to build your case and eventually your statements will be used by the Prosecutor to convict you.

When prosecutors are handed a sex crimes file by police, they move forward with a high degree of aggressiveness.  Prosecutors approach these types of cases with the mindset that you are guilty.  The Arizona legislature provides prosecutors and judges with mandatory sentencing laws that could include a minimum of five years for rape and a minimum of 13 years for sex offenses that involve children.  These sentences are also known as “flat”, which means that if they are handed out by the judge, there will be little or no possibility for parole or early release if the defendant is convicted.

Sex crime penalties are commonly more severe than any other crime except murder, and depend heavily on the circumstances of the case:

  • Possession of child pornography (sexual exploitation of children) A.R.S. § 13-3553: Class 2 Felony; Prison: Minimum 10 years; Presumptive 17 years; Aggravated Maximum 24 years
  • Sexual conduct with a minor A.R.S. § 13-1405: Class 2 Felony; Age 12 or younger: Life in Prison (must serve at least 35 years)
  • Sexual conduct with a minor A.R.S. § 13-1405: Class 2 Felony; Age 12, 13, or 14: Prison: Minimum 13 years; Presumptive 20 years; Aggravated Maximum 27 years
  • Sexual conduct with a minor A.R.S. § 13-1405: Class 6 Felony; Under 18 or age 15+ Prison: Minimum 0.33 year; Presumptive 1 year; Aggravated Maximum 2 years
  • Molestation of a child A.R.S. § 13-1410: Class 2 Felony; Mandatory Prison: Minimum 10 years; Presumptive 17 years; Aggravated Maximum 24 years
  • Sexual assault or rape A.R.S. § 13-1406: Class 2 Felony; Prison: Minimum 5 years; Presumptive 7 years; Aggravated Maximum 14 years

Our Defense Strategy

At Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law, we talk with our clients about the allegations and take the time to understand the relationship with the victim and determine if the victim had any motive to lie.  We will review the accusations against the client and his or her best options.  After speaking to the client, we examine the police reports, scrutinize witness testimony, forensic evidence, psychological histories and any other evidence that can assist us in building the best-individualized defense for our clients.  Our Chandler sex crimes attorney will consider every angle to ensure that the prosecutor and law enforcement officials did their jobs correctly.  We will work tirelessly to protect your rights and freedom.

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