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    Professional Legal Representation From A Major Sex Crime Lawyer

    Michelle Skura, An Attorney Skilled In Handling Major Sex Crime Defenses

    Michelle Skura is renowned for her expertise in major sex crime defenses, offering robust legal representation.

    Thorough Investigations And Evidence Research For Sex Crime Defense In East Valley

    Detailed Investigative & Evidence Examination For Sex Crime Charges

    Our firm emphasizes thorough investigations and evidence analysis to build a solid defense against sex crime charges.

    East Valley's Favorite Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

    East Valley’s Accomplished Legal Team Known For Sex Crime Defenses

    Our East Valley legal team is acclaimed for its successful defense in challenging sex crime cases.

    Work On A Strong Defense During Your Consultation

    Extensive Consultation to Craft Strong Defense Strategies

    We provide in-depth consultations to develop tailored, effective defense strategies for each sex crime case.

    Early Legal Support For Sex Offense Cases In The East Valley

    Early & Tactical Legal Support In The East Valley For Sex Offense Cases

    Receive proactive and strategic legal support from our East Valley team for your sex offense case.

    Why We’re The East Valley’s Most Reliable Sex Crime Defense Attorney

    Dedicated Lawyers Focused On Defending Against Accusations Of Sexual Crimes Near You

    Our dedicated attorneys specialize in defending against sexual crime accusations, providing unparalleled legal representation. With a commitment to upholding your rights, we navigate the complexities of sexual crime cases with discretion and expertise, ensuring you receive the best possible defense in the East Valley.

    Michelle Skura Providing A Legal Consultation In The East Valley
    5-Star Rated East Valley Sex Crime Lawyers On AVVO
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    Skilled Legal Services For Addressing Charges of Sexual Misconduct & Indecent Exposure

    Our legal team is skilled in tackling charges of sexual misconduct and indecent exposure, offering strategic defense services. We analyze every detail of your case to challenge the allegations, aiming to protect your reputation and achieve a favorable outcome, demonstrating why we’re the trusted choice in the East Valley for sex crime defense.

    Sex Crimes Attorneys Defending Those Accused of Prostitution In The East Valley

    Legal Specialists Supporting Those Accused Of Prostitution-Related Offenses

    Our attorneys specialize in defending those accused of prostitution-related offenses, offering strategic legal guidance and robust representation. We focus on safeguarding your rights and reputation, employing our expertise to challenge the accusations and strive for a favorable resolution in these sensitive cases.

    Defense Against Pimping And Pandering Allegations In The East Valley

    Guidance & Defense For Individuals Facing Pimping & Pandering Charges

    Our law firm offers expert guidance and defense for individuals charged with pimping and pandering, employing strategic legal approaches to protect your rights and pursue the best possible outcome. We meticulously examine the details of your case, providing robust representation to challenge the charges and minimize their impact on your life.

    Legal Defense For Rape And Sexual Assault In The East Valley, AZ

    Support In Contesting Accusations Of Rape & Sexual Assault

    We offer steadfast support for those accused of rape and sexual assault, providing a robust defense to contest the charges. Our legal team is committed to meticulously analyzing the evidence and constructing a strong defense strategy, aiming to uphold your rights and work towards a fair outcome.

    Legal Defense For Sex Trafficking And Exploitation Charges, AZ

    Assistance For Those Implicated In Sex Trafficking & Exploitation Cases

    Our firm offers specialized assistance for individuals implicated in sex trafficking and exploitation cases, providing experienced legal representation. We’re committed to defending your rights, applying comprehensive legal strategies to challenge the allegations and seeking justice in these complex and sensitive cases.

    Legal Defense For Pre-Charge Sex Crime Investigations In The East Valley

    Guidance Through The Early Stages Of Sexual Crime Investigations

    Our legal team provides crucial guidance during the early stages of sexual crime investigations, ensuring your rights are protected. Our early intervention aims to mitigate potential impacts, establishing a strong foundation for challenging the accusations and striving for a favorable legal outcome.

    Legal Defense For Solicitation Charges In The East Valley

    Legal Representation For Individuals Charged With Solicitation

    Our experienced attorneys work diligently to challenge the charges, focusing on your rights and aiming for the best possible legal outcome. Our approach is thorough and proactive, ensuring that every angle is explored to protect your interests and fight for a just resolution in your solicitation case.

    Request A Private Case Consultation With A Former Prosecutor!

    Legal Defense For Man Accused Of A Sexual Crime In Arizona

    Tailored Defense Strategies For Serious Charges, Including Both Felonies & Misdemeanors Related To Sex Crimes

    Uphold Your Rights & Challenge Wrongful Accusations Of Sex Crimes With Skilled Legal Representation

    • Review all evidence and details of your case thoroughly
    • Educate you on your legal rights and the case’s implications
    • Consult and involve expert witnesses when necessary
    • Explore and negotiate plea deals to potentially reduce charges
    • Prepare comprehensively for trial and provide robust courtroom representation

    Testimonials From Our Clients Regarding Our Sex Crime Legal Practice

    East Valley Sex Crime Defense Lawyers With 5-Star Rated Reviews

    Professionalism, Responsiveness

    Hello people of the internet, first off no I’m not a bot, I’m a real person who had a real problem. I was in a bad spot with the law and didn’t feel comfortable using a court appointed attorney because I knew that they would just push me through the system and I would just become another statistic. I didn’t want that for myself. I found VS Criminal attorney and figured I’d give them a call and tell them about my situation. Michelle got back to me very quickly and gave me a run down of my charges, what I would be facing and told me that she would do her best to reduce the charges that were brought up against me. I didn’t have much to offer at the time but she was understanding and as long as your willing work with her, her and her team will work with you. Throughout the course of a year she worked with me keeping me updated, suggesting routes that I should take that would help with my case. She gave me inner peace every time she gave me new information on what would happen next. The dedication she put into to my case really helped. She was able to reduce my sentence down to probation only. From what it once was to what it is now I can only be grateful for her and her team. If your in a bad spot and feel you may have a good case. I suggest giving them a call and see what they say. I am 110% happy with the outcome I got and it was all worth it because without them I know I would have just been pushed through the system and became another statistic. Thank you Michelle, you have a wonderful team I really appreciate all you’ve done for me.

    Dustin L. ★★★★★

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    If you want a caring and responsive lawyer who you can count on I’d highly recommend looking no further. MIchelle will be there for you during what is likely one of the worst times in your life and actually give you the priority and individual care that is needed from your lawyer. My son received a fully dismissal because of the amazing work of Michelle, on what could have been a very serious sentence due to how the law sometimes works in a failed manner.

    Dan P. ★★★★★

    they saved my life

    They clearly care about the work they do, they are very good people and they invest much time into your case to help you. Best money ever spent.

    C.P. ★★★★★

    Effective Legal Support For Sex Crime Allegations In The East Valley

    Severe Repercussions For Those Convicted Of Sex Crimes In Arizona

    Our firm provides effective legal support for those facing sex crime allegations in the East Valley, understanding the severe consequences of a conviction in Arizona. With profound knowledge of state laws and a commitment to defending your rights, we aim to mitigate these repercussions, offering strategic legal counsel and representation to challenge the allegations and strive for a favorable outcome. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through this challenging time, employing comprehensive defense tactics to protect your future.

    Sexual Abuse

    ARS §13-1404
    Our legal team provides strong advocacy and support for individuals facing sexual abuse allegations, employing strategic defense tactics to protect your rights and reputation. We’re committed to rigorous representation, ensuring a thorough examination of the evidence and a robust defense in pursuit of a just outcome.

    Molestation Of A Child

    ARS §13-1410
    Our firm offers specialized legal representation for cases involving allegations of child molestation, providing a robust defense while navigating the sensitive nature of these charges. We are committed to protecting the rights of the accused, ensuring a fair trial and a rigorous examination of all evidence, aiming to challenge the accusations and achieve a just resolution.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.
    Our legal experts provide discreet and effective defense services for individuals facing prostitution charges, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process. We’re committed to delivering a comprehensive defense, scrutinizing the prosecution’s case and employing strategic approaches to challenge the allegations, aiming to secure a favorable outcome.

    Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1406
    We offer dedicated legal defense for sexual assault charges, focusing on a thorough investigation and strategic representation to challenge the allegations and protect your rights.


    ARS §13-1410
    Our attorneys provide specialized defense for molestation charges, employing careful case analysis and robust advocacy to defend the accused and ensure a fair legal process.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.
    We deliver expert legal support for solicitation charges, crafting strong defense strategies to contest the accusations and strive for the best possible outcome in each case.

    Sexual Misconduct

    ARS §13-1418
    Our firm provides assertive legal representation for those accused of sexual misconduct, using strategic defense tactics to challenge the evidence and safeguard your rights.


    ARS §13-1406
    We deliver rigorous defense services for individuals charged with rape, focusing on meticulous case examination and strong courtroom advocacy to contest the charges effectively.

    Violent Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1418
    Our attorneys specialize in defending against violent sexual assault allegations, employing a comprehensive approach to protect your liberties and aim for a just resolution.

    Sexual Conduct With A Minor

    ARS § 13-1405
    We provide expert legal defense for those accused of sexual conduct with a minor, employing a detailed approach to challenge the allegations and uphold your legal rights.

    Statutory Rape

    ARS § 13-1405
    Our firm offers specialized defense strategies for statutory rape charges, focusing on the nuances of consent age laws and working diligently to secure a favorable outcome.

    Indecent Exposure

    ARS § 13-1402
    We deliver strong legal representation for indecent exposure charges, ensuring a thorough defense that considers all aspects of the case to protect your reputation and freedom.

    Possession of Child Pornography

    ARS § 13-1405
    Our legal team provides a vigorous defense for individuals accused of possessing child pornography, focusing on the intricacies of digital evidence and privacy rights to challenge the prosecution’s case.

    Sexual Exploitation of Children

    ARS § 13-1405
    We offer specialized legal representation for those facing charges of sexual exploitation of children, employing a strategic approach to address the complexities of the allegations and aiming for a just resolution.

    Luring a Minor/Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

    ARS § 13-3554
    Our attorneys are experienced in defending against charges of luring or sexually exploiting a minor, utilizing a comprehensive defense strategy to scrutinize the evidence and advocate for the accused’s rights.


    ARS § 00-0000
    Our firm offers proactive legal counsel during the pre-charge or pre-indictment stages, helping individuals understand their rights and prepare a defense strategy before formal charges are filed, aiming to influence the outcome from the outset.

    Dangerous Crimes Against Children

    ARS § 00-0000
    We provide expert legal defense for those accused of dangerous crimes against children, focusing on rigorous evidence review and strategic advocacy to challenge the accusations and protect the rights of the accused in these sensitive cases.

    Legal Questions Regarding Sex Crimes

    Arizona prosecutors employ a variety of techniques to establish guilt in rape or sexual abuse cases. They often rely on the collection and analysis of physical evidence, such as DNA, to link the accused to the crime scene or victim. Witness testimony, including that of the victim, is crucial and is carefully scrutinized and presented to build a compelling narrative. Prosecutors may also use expert testimony to explain forensic evidence or to provide insight into the psychological impact of the alleged crimes. In addition, they scrutinize the defendant’s past behavior and history, looking for patterns or previous accusations that may strengthen their case. Communication evidence, like text messages or emails, can be crucial in establishing the context and relationship between the involved parties. Through these methods, prosecutors aim to construct a robust case that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, adhering to the high standards required in criminal law.
    In Arizona, the time limitations for initiating legal action in severe sex crime cases vary based on the specifics of the crime. For many sexual offenses, particularly those involving minors, Arizona law allows for charges to be brought until the victim turns 30 years old. However, there are exceptions where there is no statute of limitations, especially for severe crimes like rape. It’s important to note that these laws can change, so consulting with a legal professional for the most current information is crucial. This framework ensures that victims have the opportunity to seek justice, even years after the offense, particularly in cases where they may need time to come forward.
    In a sexual assault case, several factors can intensify the charges, leading to more severe penalties if convicted. These factors include the use of force or a weapon, the victim’s age (especially if the victim is a minor), the presence of bodily harm or injury, the perpetrator’s criminal history, especially related to sexual offenses, and the occurrence of the assault during the commission of another crime. Additionally, if the perpetrator holds a position of trust or authority over the victim, such as a teacher, employer, or caregiver, the charges can also be intensified. These aggravating factors are taken into consideration to reflect the seriousness of the offense and to ensure that the penalties are commensurate with the crime’s severity.
    In Arizona, registration as a sex offender is mandatory for individuals convicted of various sexual offenses. This includes crimes such as rape, sexual assault, child molestation, and possession of child pornography, among others. The specific requirement to register can depend on the nature of the offense, the age of the victim, and the court’s judgment. Once designated, registrants must adhere to Arizona’s sex offender registration laws, which include regularly updating personal information and abiding by residency restrictions. Failure to register as required can result in severe legal penalties, underscoring the importance of compliance with these mandates.
    Yes, a spouse or partner can file legal charges of sexual assault in Arizona. The law recognizes that sexual assault can occur within marriages and relationships, and victims have the right to seek justice. Consent is crucial in any sexual interaction, and a lack of it, even within a marital or committed relationship, constitutes sexual assault. Arizona law upholds that all individuals, regardless of their relationship status, are entitled to autonomy over their bodies and can press charges if they experience non-consensual sexual activities. This acknowledgment in the legal framework ensures that victims in intimate relationships have avenues to report and address sexual assault.
    In legal terms, a rape charge typically requires some form of physical sexual contact, but the specific definitions can vary by jurisdiction. In many places, rape is defined by non-consensual penetration, which is considered physical sexual contact. However, it’s essential to understand that the legal definition of rape and the required evidence to file a charge can differ, and it’s not always necessary for there to be evidence of physical injury or violence. Laws are designed to address the nuances of consent and the various forms that sexual assault can take. For the most accurate and detailed explanation relevant to Arizona or any specific jurisdiction, it’s advisable to consult legal statutes or a legal professional.
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