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    The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers
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    10 Best 2019 Attorney Client Satisfaction

    Don’t Let Unfounded Accusations, False Charges
    Or Over Zealous Prosecutors Ruin Your Life

    Sex Crime Charges Tend To Leave A Deep Stigma, Even When Innocent

    Innocence alone won’t shield you from the life-altering impact of sex crime charges. Unfounded accusations and false charges can shatter your reputation, jeopardize your future, and lead to severe consequences. Even when innocent, the stigma of sex crime allegations can haunt you for years to come. Our experienced legal team understands the weight of these accusations and the aggressive tactics sometimes employed by prosecutors. We’re here to provide unwavering support, a strong defense, and a voice to the innocent. We’ll fight tirelessly to protect your rights, clear your name, and ensure that false charges do not define your life. Don’t let the stigma of sex crime charges hold you back. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your life and your innocence.

    The Shocking Nature Of Allegations Often Leads To More Of A “Guilty Untill Proven Innocent” Scenario, Rather Than “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

    How To Find The Best Lawyer To
    Handle Your Case Involving Allegations Of
    Sexual Assault, Molestation & Other Serious Crimes

    Find The Best Lawyers Through Their Track Record

    What Is Their Track Record Of Success? Look At Plea Bargains,
    Not Just Trials – Going To Trial Means Major Risks In Many Cases

    In criminal defense, a success track record isn’t just about winning trials; it includes securing favorable plea bargains. Trials can carry significant risks, and skilled attorneys often negotiate advantageous settlements for their clients. When evaluating legal representation, consider their ability to achieve positive outcomes through negotiation and skillful plea bargaining.

    Look At Plea Bargains Results To Find The Best Lawyers

    Ask For A Defense Strategy Session, So You Can Speak With
    Attorneys & Understand Their Potential Approach To Your Case

    Feel confident in your defense by requesting a Defense Strategy Session. This invaluable opportunity allows you to engage directly with our experienced attorneys, gaining a deeper understanding of their approach and strategies tailored to your specific case. Make informed decisions and secure your peace of mind with Arizona’s leading sex crime defense attorneys.

    What Are The Potential Penalties
    When Convicted Of A Sex Crime?

    In cases of sex crime convictions, understanding the potential penalties is crucial. Convicted individuals may face a range of legal consequences, including imprisonment, fines, registration as a sex offender, and damage to their reputation. It’s essential to grasp the severity of potential penalties and seek experienced legal counsel to navigate these challenging circumstances effectively.

    Jail Time And Fines Associated With Charges Of Rape Or Sexual Assault

    Jail Time And Fines Associated With Charges Of Rape Or Sexual Assault

    Learn about the potential jail sentences and fines associated with rape or sexual assault charges. Understanding the legal consequences is vital when facing such allegations.

    Penalties And Incarceration Periods For Molestation Charges

    Penalties And Incarceration Periods For Molestation Charges

    Explore the penalties and potential incarceration periods for molestation charges. Understanding the legal consequences is crucial when dealing with such serious allegations.

    Consequences Stemming From Conviction On Child Pornography Charges

    Consequences Stemming From Conviction On Child Pornography Charges

    Discover the significant legal consequences that follow convictions on child pornography charges. Understanding these consequences is essential when facing such serious allegations.


    “We could not have been happier with Michelle. She called us immediately. answered all of our questions, and gave us all of the information we needed to make decisions on our son’s case. Everyone we worked with in Michelle’s office was kind, professional, and knowledgeable. The outcome, to date, has been better than we ever expected! We are extremely grateful!”

    Sara G.
    Mesa, AZ

    “Michelle was very helpful in every single way possible. Was always there when I needed her even when I just wanted to talk. Great lawyer but a better person. She was able to work out a plea agreement and got the best results out of my situation. I will be forever grateful. Would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs legal help and representation.”

    Daniel G.
    Gilbert, AZ

    “Michelle and Michael were amazing! This was a very difficult time for our family and Michelle and Michael went above and beyond to make this is easy and as straight forward for us and continued to show compassion for our daughters and our family every step of the way. Michelle fought hard for us and I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome. Thank you and God Bless!”

    Bianca J.
    Mesa, AZ

    What To Do If You Find Yourself
    Arrested On Sex Crime Charges

    • Your Right To Remain Silent, After False Or Unfair Accusations

    • Contacting Attorney Michelle Skura On An Emergency Basis If Arrested Outside Business Hours

    • Understanding The Process Of Bonding Out From Jail

    Tips For Avoiding Issues With Other Prisoners If
    You Are Being Held Pre-Trial For Allegations Of Sexual Crimes

    • Keep A Low Profile To Avoid Conflicts
    • Request Protective Custody If Necessary
    • Follow Facility Rules And Routines
    • Consult Your Defense Attorney Regularly

    Sex Crime Attorneys Defending Your Rights Before Formal Charges

    Understanding The Pre-Charge Stage Of Sex Crimes Investigations

    Explore the essential pre-charge phase of sex crimes investigations. Learn how seasoned sex crime attorneys can safeguard your rights and interests even before formal charges are filed, ensuring a robust defense strategy from the very beginning of your case. Gain insight into this pivotal legal process and protect your future today.

    Sex Crime Attorneys Helping You Understand Pre-Charge Stage Of Sex Crimes
    When Is A Search And Seizure Illegal Under The 4th Amendment

    When Is A Search And Seizure Illegal Under The 4th Amendment?

    Explore the nuances of when a search and seizure becomes illegal under the 4th Amendment. Learn about the key criteria, such as lacking proper legal justification or violating an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy, that render a search and seizure unconstitutional. Protect your rights and stay informed about your Fourth Amendment protections.

    How Long Can Police Detain You In Custody For Interrogation?

    Discover the legal limits and your rights regarding police custody and interrogation periods. Learn about the factors that influence how long law enforcement can detain you, including the nature of the investigation and the evidence available. Understanding these aspects is essential to safeguarding your rights during the interrogation process.

    How Long Can Police Detain You In Custody For Interrogation
    Know Your Rights During Police Raids And Sex Sting Operations In Arizona

    Know Your Rights During Police Raids & Sex Sting Operations

    Familiarize yourself with your rights when facing police raids and sex sting operations. Learn how to assert your legal protections and what law enforcement can and cannot do during these situations. Empower yourself with knowledge to ensure your rights are upheld and safeguarded throughout the process.

    Stop Or Mitigate The Damage A Defendant Faces In Early Sex Crime Allegations

    Discover strategies to halt or reduce the harm a defendant may encounter when facing initial sex crime accusations. Learn about effective early intervention methods and legal actions that can help protect your rights and mitigate the consequences during the early stages of a sex crime case.

    Stop Or Mitigate The Damage A Defendant Faces In Early Sex Crime Allegations

    Arizona Revised Statutes Related To Sex Crimes

    Understanding The Costs Associated With Criminal Defense Law Firms For Major Crimes & Sex Crime Charges

    How To Proceed When Your Bond For Release From Jail Means No Money For Legal Retainer

    Explore your options and find guidance on proceeding with legal representation when posting bail leaves you with limited financial resources for retaining an attorney. Learn practical strategies to secure legal assistance even when your bond for release from jail significantly impacts your budget.

    Your Bond For Release From Jail Means No Money For Legal Retainer
    Understanding The Cost Of Going To Trial VS A Plea Bargain

    Understanding The Cost Of Going To Trial VS A Plea Bargain

    Gain insight into the financial aspects of legal proceedings by understanding the comparative costs between going to trial and negotiating a plea bargain. Explore the financial implications and make informed decisions regarding your defense strategy, considering both the expenses and potential outcomes.

    What Is A Typical Retainer For A Criminal Defense Lawyer For A Major Crime Such As Rape?

    Retainers for criminal defense lawyers handling major crimes like rape can vary widely based on the case’s complexity and the attorney’s experience. It’s essential to discuss the specific retainer with your attorney during your initial consultation to understand the costs associated with your defense.

    Common Retainer For A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Major Crimes Such As Rape

    Why We Are Arizona’s Leading Sex Offense Defense Attorneys

    Protect Your Freedom From Sex Crime Misdemeanor Or Felony Charges

    Discover why our experienced team stands at the forefront of sex offense defense in Arizona. With a track record of successful outcomes and a commitment to defending your rights, we provide comprehensive legal support tailored to your unique case. Explore what sets us apart and why we are the top choice for individuals facing sex crime allegations in the state.

    Qualified Arizona Lawyers Defending You In Cases Involving Sex Crimes

    Reliable & Qualified Lawyers Defending You In Cases Involving Sex Crimes

    For expert defense in sex crime cases, turn to our qualified lawyers in Arizona. Trust our experience and commitment to your rights.

    Successfuly Winning The Most Complex Charges And Serious Penalties In Arizona

    Successful In Winning The Most Complex Charges & Serious Penalties

    We have a track record of success in handling complex charges and serious penalties. Trust us to fight for your rights.

    Skilled Legal Counsel From Initial Consultation To Final Resolution

    Skilled Legal Counsel From Initial Consultation To Final Resolution

    Our skilled legal counsel provides support from your initial consultation to the final resolution of your case. We’re here for you.

    Providing Exceptional Legal Representation Customized To Your Specific Case

    Dedicated To Providing Exceptional Legal Representation Customized To Your Specific Case

    We are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal representation tailored to your unique case, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

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    Award-Winning Criminal Defense Lawyers With A Focus On Sex Crimes

    Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is focused on offering clients personalized service and aggressive representation. Our attorneys are passionate about individual rights, government accountability and personal freedom. We believe in holding law enforcement and the prosecution to the standards imposed by both the state and Federal constitution. No matter what you are charged with, our criminal defense attorneys and staff will be there to guide you through the process. Our lead attorney, Michelle Skura, is renowned by the National Trial Lawyers as a Top 40 under 40 Criminal Defense Attorney. Our results speak for themselves please visit our Case Victories page. Call today to schedule your strategy session. It is time to fight back.

    Take A Look At Some Of Our Case Victories:

    We pride ourselves on achieving successful outcomes for our clients facing sex crime allegations. Our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers has a proven track record of securing favorable results in a variety of cases. Explore our impressive victories and see how our expertise and unwavering commitment to our clients can make a difference in your legal matter.

    The National Trial Lawyers Top 100
    The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers
    10 Best Attorney Client Satisfaction
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    ABA American Bar Association

    Victory 1

    Child Molestation, Sex Abuse, Child Sex Trafficking

    17 Counts of Child Molestation, Sexual Assault, Sex Abuse

    H.G.’s family came to our office facing serious counts of Sexual Assault of a minor under the age of 14 years old/ incest ARS 13-1405, Child Molestation ARS 13-1410 and Sex Trafficking ARS 13-3212 (A1). The client initially received an offer that included over 140 years of prison. Our office was able to dismiss all but 2 counts and worked to reduce his sentence from 140 years flat time to 1 year and 90 days with credit for 1 year time served.



    Victory 2


    6 Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor ARS 13-3553

    The family of M.R. came to our office after the client had been arrested by the Department of Homeland Security based on an anonymous tip. DHS located several videos and images of underage persons engaged in sexual activities. After hiring a forensic metadata expert and negotiating with the State, all but 1 count was dismissed. Additional aggressive negotiations led to the removal of a 17.5 year flat prison term. Client was sentenced to probation only.


    Maricopa Superior Court/Attorney General

    Victory 3


    1 Count of Sexual Assault ARS 13-1406 and Kidnapping ARS 13-1304(A3)

    Client J.R. came to our office after posting bond. As a disabled veteran his livelihood and freedom depended on the outcome of this matter. J.R. had been falsely accused of raping and holding a woman against her will. Attorney, Michelle Skura, was able to dismantle the prosecution’s case and the matter was dismissed in full. Prior to retaining our office J.R. was facing a 12.5 year sentence. Our office was able to give this veteran his life back.


    Pima County Superior Court

    Build A Solid Case Strategy & Get The Legal Representation

    You Deserve With Our Sex Crime Defense Attorneys


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    FAQs About Our Sex Crime Defense Law Firm

    Arizona prosecutors build cases of rape or sexual abuse by gathering evidence such as victim statements, medical examinations, DNA analysis, and witness testimonies. They work to establish that a sexual act occurred without consent or with a minor, aiming to prove the elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Yes, Arizona has a statute of limitations for serious sex crime charges. In many cases, there is no statute of limitations for charges like sexual conduct with a minor or child molestation. However, it’s essential to consult with an attorney as specific circumstances can affect these limitations.
    In some cases, a minor can be charged with child pornography-related offenses, even if they are also considered a victim. These situations can be complex, and it’s crucial to consult with an experienced attorney to understand the specific circumstances and legal implications involved.
    Several circumstances can aggravate the severity of a sexual assault charge in Arizona. These may include the use of force, violence, or a weapon during the assault, the age or vulnerability of the victim, prior criminal history of the defendant, and the presence of multiple offenders. Additionally, factors like kidnapping, causing serious bodily harm, or committing sexual assault against a minor can escalate the charges. Each case is unique, and the specific circumstances will influence the severity of the charges and potential penalties. Consulting with a skilled attorney is crucial in understanding the implications of these factors in your case.
    In Arizona, individuals are typically required to register as sex offenders when they are convicted of certain sex-related offenses, such as sexual assault, child molestation, or possession or distribution of child pornography. Registration is also mandatory when convicted of a similar offense in another jurisdiction and then relocating to Arizona. The specific requirements for sex offender registration can vary depending on the nature of the conviction and other factors. It’s essential to consult with an experienced attorney to fully understand the registration obligations in your particular case.
    In Arizona, minors can be charged as adults for certain sex crimes if the circumstances warrant it. The decision to charge a minor as an adult is typically made based on factors such as the seriousness of the offense, the minor’s age, and their prior criminal history, if any. In some cases, a transfer hearing may be held to determine whether the minor should be tried as an adult. It’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can provide guidance specific to the circumstances of the case.
    Yes, it is possible for a partner or spouse to accuse someone of sexual assault. Sexual assault can occur within intimate relationships, and accusations can be made for various reasons. It’s essential to take any such accusation seriously and seek legal counsel immediately to address the situation properly. Legal professionals can help investigate the matter, protect your rights, and ensure a fair legal process.

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