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    When facing charges of solicitation in Arizona, it is imperative to speak with a reputable Phoenix sex crimes defense attorney immediatley. Sex crimes are highly stigmatized and heavily prosecuted in Arizona, and you need representation from a lawyer who understands the lasting impact that allegations and convictions can have on a person and their future.

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    “Hello people of the internet, first off no I'm not a bot, I'm a real person who had a real problem. I was in a bad spot with the law and didn't feel comfortable using a court appointed attorney because I knew that they would just push me through the system and I would just become another statistic. I didn't want that for myself. I found VS Criminal attorney and figured I'd give them a call and tell them about my situation. Michelle got back to me very quickly and gave me a run down of my charges, what I would be facing and told me that she would do her best to reduce the charges that were brought up against me. I didn't have much to offer at the time but she was understanding and as long as your willing work with her, her and her team will work with you. Throughout the course of a year she worked with me keeping me updated, suggesting routes that I should take that would help with my case. She gave me inner peace every time she gave me new information on what would happen next. The dedication she put into to my case really helped. She was able to reduce my sentence down to probation only. From what it once was to what it is now I can only be grateful for her and her team. If your in a bad spot and feel you may have a good case. I suggest giving them a call and see what they say. I am 110% happy with the outcome I got and it was all worth it because without them I know I would have just been pushed through the system and became another statistic. Thank you Michelle, you have a wonderful team I really appreciate all you've done for me.”

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    “If you want a caring and responsive lawyer who you can count on I'd highly recommend looking no further. MIchelle will be there for you during what is likely one of the worst times in your life and actually give you the priority and individual care that is needed from your lawyer. My son received a fully dismissal because of the amazing work of Michelle, on what could have been a very serious sentence due to how the law sometimes works in a failed manner.”

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    “They clearly care about the work they do, they are very good people and they invest much time into your case to help you. Best money ever spent.”

    They saved my life.

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    For over 40 years, Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law has confidently represented clients facing difficult legal situations. As a five-star Phoenix criminal defense law firm, we offer consultations where we take time to understand you and the details surrounding your situation. We consider every angle as we work diligently to protect your rights and freedoms.

    The Penalties For A Solicitation Conviction In Arizona

    Because sex crimes are so heavily prosecuted in Arizona, the consequences are lasting and severe. At VS Attorneys at Law, we offer relentless representation to clients facing all types of criminal sex offenses, and while the following is not a comprehensive list, it is designed to show the various charges and contexts that arise. Contacting a Phoenix solicitation defense lawyer immediately is the best way to ensure your rights and future are protected.

    First Solicitation Offense

    Class 1 Misdemeanor:

    Prison: 15 Days To 6 Months
    Fines: Up To $2,500

    Second Solicitation Offense

    Class 1 Misdemeanor:

    Prison: 30 Days To 6 Months
    Fines: Up To $2,500

    Third Solicitation Offense

    Class 1 Misdemeanor:

    Prison: 60 Days To 6 Months
    Fines: Up To $2,500

    Fourth Solicitation Offense

    Class 1 Misdemeanor:

    Prison: 180 Days To 4 Years
    Fines: Up To $2,500

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    You can rest assured that law enforcement will leave no stone unturned when investigating your solicitation charges and the details surrounding the situation. You need an experienced Phoenix sex crimes lawyer to ensure your freedoms and future are protected through aggressive, indivualized defense and representation. Discuss your case at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law today!

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    If you are facing sex crime charges of any kind, don’t wait – contact Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law right away! Our lawyers can be reached via phone, email, in person, or through the online form below, with 24/7 availability to offer expert legal guidance or a consultation.

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