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    When you are facing allegations of a sex crime in Arizona, it is critical to speak with an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney for sex crimes right away. As a heavily stigmatized and aggressively prosecuted crime in Arizona, sex crimes of all types carry severe penalties. Our team of experienced lawyers at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law are well-aware of the destructive effects that sex crime charges and convictions can have on individuals and their families, so we are ready to help.

    Clients often make the mistake of attempting to cooperate with police when believing they are not guilty as charged. They think that by cooperating and sharing information, their name will be cleared. This is simply not true. Never speak to law enforcement without an attorney present, as your freedom and future may depend on it.

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    When you consult with our team at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law, we will discuss the situation in great detail with you. You can expect that we will talk with you about your allegations and relationship with the victim, and determine if the victim had any motivation in life. Our Phoenix sex crime lawyers will discuss the accusations against you and your best options moving forward. We will examine police reports and witness testimonies, forensic evidence, psychological histories, and any other pertinent information that will help us build a strong, individualized defense of your case. You can trust that we will consider every angle to determine if the prosecutor and law enforcement acted within the bounds of their jobs, and we will work tirelessly to build a strategic defense to protect your rights and freedom.

    Local Sex Crime Lawyer In Phoenix, AZ

    Legal Representation For A Variety Of Criminal Sex Charges

    Our five-star Phoenix sex crime law firm offers exceptional representation to clients facing charges of all types of sex crimes. The following is not a complete list, but offers many examples to represent the different types of charges and their possible contexts. Please note that any of these sex crimes can be charged as a felony, and upon conviction you could face decades or a lifetime in prison. It is critical to act immediately by contacting one of our sex crimes attorneys at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law. We will protect your rights and future!

    Sexual Abuse

    ARS §13-1404

    Our Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law are equipped to provide high-quality representation for anyone accused of sexual abuse crimes in Arizona.

    Molestation Of A Child

    ARS §13-1410

    When facing child molestation charges, you need to find a reputable Phoenix sex crime attorney who is committed to protecting your rights relentlessly and aggressively.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.

    Prostitution is taken very seriously in Arizona and can lead to life-altering consequences. Let our lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law build a strong defense to meet your needs.

    Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1406

    As trusted Phoenix sex crime defense lawyers, VS Attorneys at Law can provide the high quality defense you deserve when facing sexual assault charges in Arizona.


    ARS §13-1410

    If you have been charged with molestation, contact our dedicated Phoenix criminal defense lawyers. We are equipped to handle even the most complex case with care and attention.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.

    Being charged with solicitation can be life-changing and difficult to move past, but Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law provides top-rated defense to protect your rights and clear your name.

    Sexual Misconduct

    ARS §13-1418

    Dealing with sexual misconduct charges is easier when you have an equipped attorney on your side. Our five-star team at VS Attorneys at Law is available 24/7 to help.


    ARS §13-1406

    Rape charges and convictions come with serious consequences if you don’t have an experienced legal team protecting your rights. VS Attorneys at Law is ready to represent you!

    Violent Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1418

    If you have been accused of violent sexual assault in Arizona, it is time to call our Phoenix sex crime defense attorneys. We are here to serve with 24/7 consultations.

    Sexual Conduct With A Minor

    ARS § 13-1405

    VS Attorneys at Law provides the best representation for anyone facing charges of sexual conduct with a minor. Let us provide affordable, effective legal help today.

    Statutory Rape

    ARS § 13-1405

    Statutory rape is a serious offense that comes with heavy penalties upon conviction. When you need affordable, five-star representation, VS Attorneys at Law is ready to serve.

    Indecent Exposure

    ARS § 13-1402

    When charged with indecent exposure, you need the best criminal defense in the state. Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law will provide the representation you deserve.

    Possession of Child Pornography

    ARS § 13-1405

    If you are facing charges of child pornography possession, your first step should be to contact our experienced, committed attorneys at VS Attorneys at Law.

    Sexual Exploitation of Children

    ARS § 13-1405

    Being convicted of sexual exploitation of children comes with life-altering consequences. Consult with our AVVO five-star rated defense lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law for legal guidance.

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    Legal Representation For Sexual Crimes, Felony & Misdemeanors In Phoenix

    Because sex crime charges are taken so seriously in Arizona, you can rest assured that the police and investigators will not leave a single stone unturned in their investigation of sex crimes and pursuit of justice.

    If you are facing allegations of a sex crime of any type, call Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law today to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. Ask about our payment plans!



    5-Star Rated Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers Near Phoenix

    When prosecutors receive a sex crimes file, they move forward with aggression and swiftness. Prosecutors approach these cases with the mindset that you are already guilty, which can be difficult to overcome. Arizona legislature gives mandatory sentencing laws that inflict severe consequences on anyone convicted of a sex crime, so having a competent Phoenix sexual abuse attorney defending your rights is critical. Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is the best choice! Check out our reviews or keep reading below to learn why we have such a strong reputation for success and five-star reviews from previous clients.

    I had recently gotten myself into some trouble and thanks to the help from Michelle I was able to get my charges dropped. The staff was very professional and kept me informed in every detail regarding my case. Definitely would recommend to any friends and family.

    Isaac V.


    Michelle was a huge help always got back to me fast and has a wealth of knowledge. Very comforting to have her represent us.

    Aus V.


    Fantastic group , focused , organized and caring. They have lots of experience in the area and have done a great job to date.

    Andrew L.


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    Phoenix Sexual Offense Penalties

    Preferred Sex Crime Attorneys In Phoenix

    At VS Attorneys at Law, we know that being charged and convicted of a sex crime can be life-altering for you and your family. The penalties for sex crimes are severe, ranging anywhere from a few months to a lifetime in prison, so having a qualified lawyer on your side to defend your rights is critical for your future and freedom. Our team of confident Phoenix sexual assault lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law are equipped and ready to build an individualized defense and represent you with aggression and determination.

    Sex crime penalties are typically more severe than any other crime except murder, and are highly dependent on the individual circumstances of each case:

    Possession Of
    Child Pornography

    A.R.S. § 13-3553 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12 Or Younger)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 35 Years
    Presumptive: 35 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: Life In Prision

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12, 13, Or 14)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 13 Years
    Presumptive: 20 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 27 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Under 18 Or Age 15+)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 6 FELONY)

    Prison: 0.33 Year
    Presumptive: 1 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 2 Years

    Of A Child

    A.R.S. § 13-1410 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Assault
    Or Rape

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 5 Years
    Presumptive: 7 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 14 Years

    Phoenix Sexual Assault Lawyer Available 24/7

    Trusted Sex Crime Defense Law Firm Near Phoenix

    It is important to remember your rights if you are being questioned by law enforcement regarding your sex crime allegations. It is your right to remain silent, along with having an attorney present during the investigation process. Anything you say can and will be used against you, so do not attempt to talk your way out of a situation. Let our legal team at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law stand by your side as you are questioned. We are available 24/7 for free initial consultations, legal guidance, and to answer any questions you may have.

    Average Cost To Retain A Phoenix Sexual Misconduct Attorney

    Our legal services at VS Attorneys at Law are effective and affordable. We offer flexible payment plans and financing options to ensure everyone has the opportunity for exceptional legal representation.

    Compare The Top Phoenix Sexual Assault Law Firms Near You

    As the #1 sex crimes defense law firm in Arizona, Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is highly experienced in defending all types of sex crimes. We always put your best interest first!

    Professional Phoenix Solicitation Lawyers Open 24 Hours

    Let our skilled solicitation lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law protect your rights against allegations. We are available 24/7 for consultations and legal guidance, so give us a call right away.

    Price to Hire A 5 Star Phoenix Indecent Exposure Attorney

    The team of Phoenix sex crime criminal justice lawyers at Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law are deeply committed to providing high-quality representation at an affordable cost. We also offer a variety of payment plans.

    Read Real Client Reviews for Our Phoenix Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyers

    Browse online to check out our reviews to learn why our clients consistently give us five-star ratings and recommend us to others. We work hard to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients!

    Professional Sexual Misconduct Lawyer Legal Help In Phoenix

    VS Attorneys at Law offers the most aggressive and effective legal defense services for anyone charged with sexual misconduct in Arizona. Our team of lawyers is welcoming, knowledgeable, and experienced.

    Phoenix Sexual Misconduct Attorneys That Speak Spanish

    Not only do we offer the highest quality legal defense services for sex crimes throughout Arizona, but VS Attorneys at Law also has several Phoenix sexual misconduct lawyers who are fluent in Spanish.

    #1 Choice Sexual Abuse Law Firm Located In Phoenix

    We carry a strong track record of success with defending clients against sexual abuse allegations in Arizona. With five-star ratings across the board, we are the #1 choice for legal defense.

    A+ Phoenix Indecent Exposure Lawyer With Flexible Hours

    Get the support and representation you deserve from the A+ rated indecent exposure lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law. With flexible hours and 24/7 support, we walk with you through the process.

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