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    Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys For Sexual Assault & Rape Cases In Phoenix

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For Sexual Assault And Rape In Phoenix, AZ

    Sexual Assault & Rape
    – ARS §13-1406

    Convictions for sexual assault and rape can result in imprisonment, fines, and registration as a sex offender. Make sure you are not falsely accused and get the representation you need with our top-rated Phoenix sexual assault attorney!

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For Sexual Abuse In Phoenix, AZ

    Sexual Abuse
    – ARS §13-1404

    Sexual abuse can include actions such as rape, molestation, harassment, and any unwanted sexual advances that violate a person’s boundaries. If you’re facing sexual abuse charges, contact our Phoenix attorney office today for skilled representation.

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For Statutory Rape In Phoenix, AZ

    Statutory Rape
    – ARS §13-1405

    Statutory rape laws are designed to protect minors from exploitation and ensure that sexual relationships involving an adult and a minor are treated as non-consensual due to the power imbalance. Whether or not you’re falsely accused, you will need a Phoenix lawyer.

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For Sexual Contact With A Minor In Phoenix, AZ

    Sexual Contact With A Minor
    – ARS §13-1405

    When you’re involved or accused of sexual conduct with a minor, contact Attorney Michelle Villanueva-Skura who has been practicing law for years. As a former litigation examiner, she has the experience and knowledge to assist you in your case.

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    Professionalism, Responsiveness

    Michelle Skura was the attorney handling my son’s case. Michelle took action as soon as we finished our first conversation. I was well-informed throughout the entire process. She made this stressful process so much easier and less stressful. The communication was top-notch. Not only did her assistant call me, but Michelle was in constant contact. She was able to get our case dismissed. I would highly recommend Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law. Thank you, Michelle, for all your hard work!

    Veronica R.★★★★★

    Personal Care and Support

    I was up against a significant allegation. The outstanding preliminary representation provided by Kourtnie and Michelle successfully ceased any subsequent police intervention. With their constant updates and vast expertise, they were able to have my charges dismissed. Their personal care and support during this process were a great comfort. I would strongly recommend this legal practitioner.

    Kevin L.★★★★★

    Knowledge and Expertise

    When We hired Michelle for my sons defense we were putting everything on the line. We were putting our sons future in her hands. I knew she was a tough women. She sounded like a fighter! I needed someone like her to fight for my son! Michelle I’m so glad I hired you! Thank you and your team for giving it all you had with all your knowledge and expertise! You are a BAD WOMAN! I would Recommend you to anyone!

    Cynthia V. ★★★★★

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    Trustworthy & Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Near Phoenix

    Defend Your Freedom From Sexual Assault Charges & False Accusations

    What to Do if You are Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

    If you’re facing sexual assault or false accusations in the Phoenix area, it’s crucial to seek trustworthy and experienced sex crime defense attorneys to protect your rights. Our skilled legal team can provide a robust defense, utilizing our expertise in navigating the complexities of sexual offenses cases. We will analyze the details of your situation, challenge evidence, and work to build a strategic defense tailored to your case.

    With a focus on preserving your freedom and a passion for preserving your rights, our Phoenix attorneys understand the seriousness of sexual assault allegations and will vigorously advocate for your innocence. It’s essential to act promptly and consult with Attorney Villanueva-Skura who will guide you through the legal process, ensuring your rights are upheld and that you have the best possible defense against these charges.

    Don’t walk through your accusations alone, contact us today for a pressure-free consultation.

    Why Hire Our Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys Near Phoenix

    Experienced And Trustworthy Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers In Phoenix

    Experienced & Trustworthy Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

    Attorney Villanueva-Skura and her team have a proven track record in handling sexual assault cases, offering a depth of expertise in navigating the legal complexities surrounding such charges. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and work diligently to build a robust defense. With our trustworthy reputation, you can be confident you’re choosing the right lawyer.

    Proven Track Record Of Winning Sex Assault And Battery Cases

    Proven Track Record Of Winning Sex Assault & Battery Cases

    We have a proven track record of winning sex assault and battery cases which is a strong testament to our expertise and success in defending clients. We demonstrate our commitment through preparation, strategic defense, and effective advocacy. By choosing us, you can trust that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve positive results.

    Highly Qualified Attorneys Offering Legal Defense For Sexual Assault Cases

    Sexual Assault Legal Defense From Highly Qualified Attorneys

    Our legal team offers highly qualified Phoenix attorneys who specialize in sexual assault defense and providing comprehensive legal support for individuals facing such allegations. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring a thorough and effective legal strategy so that you don’t have to face the allegations and potential consequences alone and without a fight.

    About Our Phoenix Sexual Assault & Battery Defense Lawyers

    Meet Our Skilled Team Of Sexual Assault Attorneys

    Meet Michelle Villanueva-Skura and her team of experienced professionals who are ready to assist you in your sexual assault and battery case. Ms. Villanueva-Skura originally worked as a licensed litigation examiner who settled thousands of complex cases. As a member of the State Bar of Arizona, the Maricopa County Bar Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, National Trial Attorneys, and the American Bar Associations, Ms. Villanueva-Skura has the knowledge and backing to make her a top-notch Phoenix sexual assault attorney. Her team also has extensive knowledge and experience and together they are committed to providing personalized and strategic legal representation. You can rest assured that they will approach your case with thoroughness, carefully examining evidence, identifying legal nuances, and building a strong defense tailored to the specifics of your situation. You will be in good hands with Ms. Villanueva-Skura and her team!

    Visit Our Sexual Assault Defense Law Office Near Phoenix

    Visit our law office near Phoenix for expert legal guidance and support. Our team is ready to assist you with professionalism and compassion. Located conveniently near Phoenix, we provide a welcoming environment where you can discuss your case confidentially and receive personalized advice. Trust our team to tirelessly defend your rights in sexual assault cases.

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    Penalties Of Sexual Assault In Arizona

    In Arizona, the penalties for sexual assault are severe and vary based on the specific circumstances of the offense. Sexual assault encompasses a range of criminal behaviors, including non-consensual sexual contact and rape. The state categorizes sexual assault into different degrees, each carrying distinct penalties. Convictions for sexual assault offenses may result in significant prison sentences, finds, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Contact us today to help lessen your charges and protect your rights!

    Sexual Assault With The Use Of Date Rape Drugs

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum, Presumptive, & Maximum Increase By 3 Years

    Sexual Assault With Prior Felony Convictions

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 7 Years
    Presumptive: 10.5 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 21 Years

    Sexual Assault With Two Or More Prior Felony Convictions

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 14 Years
    Presumptive: 15.75 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 28 Years

    Sexual Assault With Serious Physical Injury

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Sentence Might Increase To Life In Prison

    Sexual Assault With Victims 15 Years Old Or More

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 5.25 Years
    Presumptive: 7 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 14 Years

    Sexual Assault With 12, 13 Or 14 Year Old Victims – DCAC

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 13 Years
    Presumptive: 35 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 27 Years
    *DCAC: Dangerous Crimes Against Children

    Sexual Assault With Victims Younger Than 12 – DCAC

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Life In Prison

    Phoenix Neighborhoods Served By Our Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

    Our sexual assault defense attorneys proudly serve a wide range of Phoenix neighborhoods, providing comprehensive legal support to individuals in need. Whether you reside in the historic districts of Willo or the bustling communities around North Central Phoenix, our skilled team is accessible throughout the city and dedicated to offering expert representation. We prioritize the diverse needs of Phoenix residents facing sexual assault charges, ensuring tailored and effective legal defense in every neighborhood we serve.

    Sexual Offense Attorneys Offering Legal Defense Near Midtown Phoenix, AZ

    Searching For Midtown Phoenix’s Top Choice Sexual Offense Attorneys? Get In Touch With Us

    Legal Defense for Defendants in Sexual Assault Cases in Alhambra, Phoenix

    Need Legal Representation For A Sex Assault Case Near Alhambra? Give Us A Call!

    Defense Against Serious Sexual Assault or Abuse Charges Near Desert Ridge, Phoenix

    Facing Serious Sexual Assault Or Abuse Charges Near Desert Ridge? We’re Here For You

    Most Reliable Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers Near Downtown Phoenix, AZ

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    FAQs About Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

    Yes, under Arizona law, a spouse can charge their partner with sexual assault. Marital status does not provide immunity from prosecution for sexual offenses. The state recognizes that consent is crucial in any relationship, including marriage, and engaging in sexual activity without the partner’s consent can lead to criminal charges. In cases of spousal sexual assault, Arizona law treats the offense similarly to sexual assault between individuals who are not married. If you have been falsely charged of marital sexual assault, contact our Phoenix sexual assault attorneys who will work hard to ensure you get the representation you need in this complex and challenging situation.
    The registration requirements are outlined in the Arizona Sex Offender Registration statutes. Offenders must register with local law enforcement within a specified timeframe, typically within 10 days of establishing residency in the state or upon release from incarceration. The duration of registration depends on the severity of the offense, with some individuals required to register for life. Registered sex offenders must provide detailed personal information, including their address, employment details, and vehicle information, and they are required to update this information regularly. Failure to comply with registration requirements can lead to criminal charges and additional penalties.
    In Arizona, the main difference between sexual assault and sexual abuse lies in the nature and extent of the sexual offenses. Sexual assault typically involves non-consensual sexual acts, such as rape or unwanted sexual contact, and is often considered a more severe offense. Sexual abuse, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of behaviors that may include unwanted sexual advances, fondling, or inappropriate touching, and may be considered a less severe offense compared to sexual assault. Arizona law recognizes degrees of sexual assault, with varying penalties based on the degree of force used or the age of the victim. Sexual abuse charges may also vary based on the age of the victim and the specific actions involved.
    The minimum sentence for sexual assault in Arizona varies based on the degree of the offense. For a Class 2 felony, which is the most serious sexual assault charge, the minimum sentence is typically five years in prison. However, certain factors, such as prior convictions or aggravating circumstances, may increase the minimum sentence. Lesser degrees of sexual assault carry varying minimum sentences, with Class 3 felonies having a minimum of 2.5 years, and Class 4 felonies having a minimum of 1.5 years. If you are being charged with any of these felonies, it is important to hire a Phoenix sexual assault attorney who can help you build a defense that may lessen the penalties.
    The frequency of sexual assault cases going to trial varies and is influenced by several factors. Many sexual assault cases are resolved through plea bargains or settlements before reaching trial. Factors such as the strength of evidence, the credibility of witnesses, and the legal strategies employed by both the prosecution and defense can impact the likelihood of a trial. Some victims may prefer not to go through the trauma of a trial and may opt for alternative resolutions. However, high-profile cases or those involving significant legal complexities may be more likely to proceed to trial. The decision to go to trial ultimately depends on the unique circumstances of each case and the legal strategies pursued by the involved parties.
    The duration of a sexual assault case can vary widely based on numerous factors. Simple cases with clear evidence and uncontested facts may be resolved relatively quickly, potentially within a few months. However, complex cases involving legal challenges, multiple witnesses, or intricate evidentiary issues can extend the process over a year or more. The investigative phase, pre-trial motions, and potential appeals contribute to the overall time commitment. The specific timeline depends on the jurisdiction, case particulars, and the legal strategies pursued by both the prosecution and defense. Rest assured, Ms. Villanueva-Skura will do everything in her power to help you resolve the matter quickly and with the best results possible.

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