Important Reasons To Consider Seeing a Sex Crime Attorney To Battle Sexual Assault Allegations

Typically, you know ahead of time that some allegations of sexual assault or other sex crimes have been made against you. Some people try to wait and see what will happen. But doing so just puts them at greater risk of serious legal trouble. The time to consult with an Arizona sex crime attorney is as soon as you know that trouble is brewing. Even if all you do is consult with the attorney and learn about your legal rights and options, you’ll be in a safer position.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to consult with a Phoenix sex crime attorney as soon you know that you might face charges:

Important Reasons To Consider Seeing a Sex Crime Attorney To Battle Sexual Assault Allegations In Mesa, AZ

Investigations Stretch Over Weeks & Months

You may not be formally charged yet, but it could take many months until you are. In the meantime, the investigation and the accusation will continue. Law enforcement officials will interview people you know and potential witnesses. They will look for evidence, collect documentation, and gather anything else they can to build the case against you.

If you wait until the charges are formally filed, you will have lost many opportunities to protect yourself. You will face the charges in a weaker position. By contacting a sex crime attorney as soon as you can in the process, you will have someone on your side working to protect your interests. Your attorney will gather evidence and testimony in your favor, research your best legal options, and even talk with law enforcement officers to get information that can help your case. By waiting to talk with an attorney, you start your criminal defense at an extreme disadvantage.

An Attorney Can Coordinate Your Arrest

If you are charged, you will almost certainly be arrested. If you are not prepared for that, you could face embarrassment when police show up to your place of work and arrest you in front of your co-workers, or come to your house to arrest you in front of the neighbors. Even if you are never convicted of the charges, people will hardly forget that scene. Your name will forever be linked to allegations of sexual assault.

By working with a Scottsdale sex crime attorney as early as possible, you may be able to avoid that. Your attorney may be able to coordinate the terms of your arrest, potentially even arranging for you to arrive at the police station or jail yourself at a predetermined time.

Penalties Can Be Severe & Long-Lasting

The penalties for a sex crime conviction can be severe. You can serve jail time, be ordered to pay restitution, perform community service, and more. You’ll likely be registered as a sex offender. Being on that registry will make it hard for you to get a job, rent an apartment, get professional licensure, and much more. Maintaining friendships will be harder, and people will want to disassociate from you due to your reputation.

Working with a Queen Creek sex crime attorney as early in the process as you can will improve your chances of avoiding conviction so that you can avoid these long-term damage to your reputation. As soon as you know that allegations are being made against you, find the best sex crime attorney you can and start talking about your legal options. You’ll be able to build a stronger defense, and you’ll have better chances of winning the case.

Contact a Top-Rated Sex Crime Lawyer In Mesa

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Published On: November 17th, 2021Categories: Sex Crime Defense

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