Issues That Could Jeopardize Your Immigration Application

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a long and complex process. You’ll have to submit extensive documentation about your identity, your education, your work experience and skills, your criminal background, and more. You’ll have to go through several interviews, and you may be required to take several tests. The same is true if you are applying for long-term resident status.

If you’re arrested, even on minor violations, you could jeopardize your immigration application. Your application could immediately be dismissed, and you could be deported. If you are here on a temporary visa, your status could be revoked. It is essential that you work with the best Tempe criminal defense attorney you can find to fight the charges and protect your immigration status or application.

Issues That Could Jeopardize Your Immigration Application In Mesa, AZ

Arrests Vs. Conviction

When you are arrested, it means that there’s reason to believe you may have committed illegal actions. It is not proof that you did commit those actions. After being arrested, your case then needs to make its way through the system, potentially resulting in a court hearing and your charges either being dismissed or you being formally convicted of the crime and sentenced.

Your arrest could result in:

  • You being sentenced to probation
  • You being acquitted due to lack of evidence
  • The charges being immediately dropped and you being released
  • A court hearing that leads to your conviction and sentencing

By working with a good Phoenix criminal defense attorney, you improve the chances that you can have your charges dismissed or that you can be acquitted in court. If your charges are dismissed or you are acquitted, there is still a chance that you can protect your immigration status or application. You may need to do some more explaining and create a secondary defense for immigration officials.

Arrests & Moral Character

Evaluating your moral character is an essential component of evaluating your application for residency or citizenship in the United States. If you’re arrested, it could signal to immigration officials that you are engaged in criminal or unethical activity. The arrest alone could be enough to get your application rejected or your status revoked, depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the charge.

While you’re under arrest, immigration officials may also decide to look deeper into your background. Typically, they only look at your arrests going back five years from the date of your application. However, they can look at your record going back 10 years. This might encourage them to take a closer look, which could be problematic if you had any other arrests, even for minor issues. You may have much more experience you feel attests to your character – such as work history, volunteer positions, and so on – but that won’t matter if officials find evidence of criminal activity or suspicion.

Getting Legal Help

It is important that you carefully follow all laws and avoid any trouble with law enforcement if you are applying for residency or citizenship, or if you are in the country on a visa. Even minor traffic violations could prove problematic in some situations.

However, it is critical that you work with an aggressive East Valley criminal defense attorney to try to keep your record clean. You should also consult with an immigration attorney about how the arrest will affect your status, even if it doesn’t result in conviction. The more proactive you are, the better your chances of protecting your immigration status and remaining in the country.

Contact VS Criminal Defense Attorneys In Mesa

VS Criminal Defense Attorneys are ready to help if you are an immigrant and have been arrested. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand what is at stake if you have a criminal conviction on your record, and they are ready to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf to help you avoid conviction. We serve clients throughout the Phoenix metro area, and our attorneys speak Spanish. We offer flexible appointment times and flexible financing options. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at our Mesa or Gilbert office.


Published On: November 22nd, 2021Categories: Immigration

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