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    Get trial-tested representation from experienced Phoenix criminal attorneys that offer 24/7 legal help and a 1-hour confidential case evaluation. What should you do when a single incident or mistake suddenly threatens the entire trajectory of your life? Most people don’t know where to turn after they’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Fortunately, the Phoenix criminal defense attorney at Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s criminal justice system and has helped countless clients obtain essential charge reductions, case dismissals, and acquittals.

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    At Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer, our priority is to provide our clients with compassionate and confidential guidance, 24/7 legal services, and exceptional legal representation. By utilizing our extensive knowledge and resources, we can develop a customized litigation strategy that defends your legal rights and protects your best interests in court.

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    The Importance of Retaining Quality Legal Representation

    A misdemeanor or felony conviction can alter the course of your life forever. Depending on your offense, a conviction can lead to imprisonment, costly fines, and any other penalties the court deems necessary. Unfortunately, the social consequences of a conviction can haunt your life even after you’ve paid your dues to society. For example, you could find yourself struggling to reconnect with loved ones, hold gainful employment, or even purchase housing just because of your criminal record. Contact Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer at to learn more.

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    At Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer, our legal team is familiar with the litigation strategies and legal nuances that can influence and determine the ultimate verdict of a criminal defense case. We also firmly believe that a defendant is truly innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. For this reason, our attorney works diligently to guarantee that a trial is fair and not swayed by dubious evidence or illegal procedures.

    Leading Criminal Defense Lawyers In Phoenix

    Providing Legal Help For Defendants Facing A Variety Of Charges

    The team at Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer is a leading criminal defense law office in Phoenix that provides legal help for defendants facing a wide range of charges in Arizona. From assault and disorderly conduct to theft and drug crimes, our Phoenix and Mesa criminal defense attorneys are equipped to handle your case with a custom, vigorous defense strategy.


    Assault crimes occur when an individual intentionally or knowingly causes harm to another person or, and with help from our Chandler criminal defense attorneys, you can get the right representation to help with your circumstances.

    Criminal Damage

    When you need a top-rated Phoenix criminal damage attorney on your side who can help create an effective strategy to achieve your legal needs, consult with the team at Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer for a case evaluation.

    Disorderly Conduct

    Being charged with disorderly conduct can come with a variety of fines and penalties that can affect your future. To get a one-time strategy session from the top rated Tempe criminal defense attorneys at VS Attorneys at Law, contact us today.

    Domestic Violence

    The Chandler domestic violence lawyers at Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer offer 24/7 appointments and have a track record for success when handling cases of this nature as well as a wide range of other criminal charges in Arizona.

    Drug Crimes

    Our Chandler drug crime defense law office is a small firm that yields big results, and after a personalized strategy session to give you the outcome you’re looking for, we can help if you are accused of drug crimes in Arizona.


    DUI charges can result in serious consequences that can stay with you for life. For help from our top-rated Chandler DUI lawyers, contact us today and schedule a personalized strategy session to get the results you’re looking for.

    Juvenile Crimes

    Thinking that your child is a minor can be your biggest mistake when they commit an offense that yields legal action. Always seek help from a trusted criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix to ensure that your child has the best defense possible.


    Never wait too long to contact an attorney even if you haven’t been charged with a crime. Contact our Phoenix criminal defense law office 24/7 to schedule a custom strategy session and get the representation you deserve.

    Sex Crimes

    The sex crimes lawyers at VS Attorneys At Law are available for 24/7 consultations and have a strong track record for success when handling criminal cases of every kind. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule evaluation.

    Theft Crimes

    When you are charged with a theft crime in Arizona, it’s essential that you contact our Mesa criminal defense law firm immediately so that you can get a custom, personalized strategy to handle the needs of the charges you’re facing.

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    Professional Felony Defense Lawyer In Phoenix

    Being faced with criminal charges of any kind can leave a permanent stain on your record, thus leaving you to deal with the consequences of hefty fines, misdemeanor charges, and even prison time. At Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer, we pride ourselves in our ability to help clients throughout the Valley with the most comprehensive, thorough legal representation. Consult with our felony defense lawyers in Phoenix to learn how we can help you.

    Phoenix Criminal Charge Defense Lawyer Near Me
    Phoenix Criminal Charge Defense Lawyer Near Me

    When you are facing criminal charges in Phoenix, consulting with a top-rated, certified defense attorney should be your first call. At VS Attorneys at Law, we are available 24/7 for legal advice and personalized strategy sessions.

    Compare Prices for Criminal Justice Attorneys
    Compare Prices for Criminal Justice Attorneys

    Get the best criminal justice attorneys in Tempe when you consult with VS Attorneys at Law. We provide high quality, affordable representation for those in need of top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Arizona. Contact us today.

    Misdemeanor Defense Attorneys Nearby Phoenix
    Misdemeanor Defense Attorneys Nearby Phoenix

    The misdemeanor defense attorneys near Phoenix at Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer are a qualified team of criminal justice lawyers who strive to give residents throughout Arizona the best legal defense without breaking the bank.

    Read Reviews for Our Criminal Justice Lawyers
    Read Reviews for Our Criminal Justice Lawyers

    Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer have five star reviews on Avvo, Google, and Yelp, and have a strong track record for success defending clients throughout the Valley. Contact our Phoenix criminal justice lawyers today to learn more.

    5 Star Rated Criminal Law Attorneys In Phoenix
    5 Star Rated Criminal Law Attorneys In Phoenix

    When you need criminal law attorneys in Phoenix, you need the best, and the team at VS Attorneys at Law can provide you with aggressive, affordable, and effective representation that suits the needs of your circumstances. Call us today.

    Cost to Hire A Phoenix Defense Lawyer Near Me
    Cost to Hire A Phoenix Defense Lawyer Near Me

    Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer provide cost effective criminal defense solutions to help give you the most affordable and comprehensive criminal justice defense in the Valley. Schedule a consultation today to start your strategy session.

    Schedule a Confidential Case Evaluation Today
    Schedule a Free & Confidential Case Evaluation Today

    At Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer, we take pride in providing our clients with dependable courtroom representation and 24/7 legal services. Contact our firm, day or night, if you have any questions or concerns about the current status of your case. Our priority as a firm is to aid and guide our clients through each step of their individual legal journeys. With our help, you can safeguard your future and protect your quality of life. Contact Arizona Felony Defense Lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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