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    If you are a Glendale resident and have been accused of a sex crime, contact Villanueva Skura, a top-rated sexual crime defense law firm. When you come in for a consultation, our lawyers will hear the particulars of your case, including your relationship with the victim. Should you then hire us, we have a vested interest in every aspect of your case. Once we learn everything, we will construct a defense and work hard to defend your rights in a court of law.

    The building of your case will require several parts. We discuss the case with you and also pore through forensic evidence, witness testimonials, psychological histories, and police reports, among other things. Do not hesitate to contact us once you learn that you are being charged by authorities.

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    Have you been charged with a sex crime? You can feel overwhelmed when it happens – the consequences can greatly damage your personal and professional reputations. It is vitally important to clear your name. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys at Villanueva Skura are ready to craft a defensive strategy and to also vigorously defend your rights in a court of law. Contact us today!

    Professional Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Near Glendale

    Aggressive Legal Representation For Sex Charges Near You

    It may seem like your life is spinning out of control when you learn that you are facing sex crime charges. You need to hire legal representation quickly. Our lawyers are ready to give you the best representation.

    Sexual Abuse

    ARS §13-1404

    Our determined lawyers are ready to offer high quality defense for any Glendale residents who have been accused of sexual abuse. Reach out to us at Villanueva Skura today!

    Molestation Of A Child

    ARS §13-1410

    This is a charge that will affect far more than you. Your relationships with your friends and family may be forever shattered. Our top-tier attorneys are ready to clear your name in court.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.

    Arizona prosecutes this as a felony. As a result, you can be fined, possibly put in prison and face other consequences. If you need the best prostitution defense, contact us at Villanueva Skura.

    Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1406

    Our sexual assault criminal defense are among the best in Glendale. They get high ratings from previous clients. Contact us today at Villanueva Skura for a consultation.


    ARS §13-1410

    Our lawyers take your rights very seriously when it comes to defending you against charges of this crime. Reach out to us to talk to a reputable Glendale lawyer.


    ARS §13-3200 et. al.

    Have you been charged with solicitation? Our experienced lawyers are ready to give you excellent representation for very affordable rates. After a consultation, we will devise the best defensive strategy.

    Sexual Misconduct

    ARS §13-1418

    The extremely reputable criminal defense lawyers at Villanueva Skura are prepared to represent you in court for your sexual misconduct charge. They will use their experience to your advantage.


    ARS §13-1406

    You need fantastic representation to defend you against this serious crime. The skilled lawyers at Villanueva Skura are ready to be by your side in the courtroom.

    Violent Sexual Assault

    ARS §13-1418

    Do not hesitate to contact us at Villanueva Skura if you have been charged with this. You need to secure representation, fast. We are available 24/7 for consultation.

    Sexual Conduct With A Minor

    ARS § 13-1405

    This is another charge that you need to get a criminal defense lawyer quickly after learning about it. We have expert attorneys with years of experience in the courtroom representing these types of cases.

    Statutory Rape

    ARS § 13-1405

    Statutory rape cases are extremely complex and you will learn that if you are charged with it. At Villanueva Skura, we have expert criminal defense lawyers who can navigate those complexities for you.

    Indecent Exposure

    ARS § 13-1402

    Our lawyers are ready to defend any Glendale residents who have been charged with indecent exposure. Reach out to us today for a consultation.

    Possession of Child Pornography

    ARS § 13-1405

    This is a charge that, if convicted, could land you in prison for quite a good amount of time. You need the best lawyers in Glendale to represent you. Contact us today at Villanueva Skura – we are available 24/7.

    Sexual Exploitation of Children

    ARS § 13-1405

    Have you been charged with this serious crime? You must immediately call a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyers at Villanueva Skura will vigorously defend you.

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    Glendale Sex Crime Defense Attorney

    Criminal Defense Attorneys For Sexual Assault Allegations & False Accusations

    You need to get outstanding representation when you learn that you are being charged with sexual assault. We can defend you against these allegations, including false ones, and keep your life from getting ruined.

    Our Clients’ Reviews About Our Legal Services

    Glendale Sex Crime Defense Lawyers You Can Trust

    Our previous clients immediately noticed how seriously we take each case. We listen carefully and look at all evidence and other aspects of your case. That will help you get the best representation in a court of law. We will help all Glendale residents clear their names if they have been charged.

    Michelle and her team do an excellent job. Michelle is a clever attorney. If a dismissal is not possible, they will look for ways to mitigate the consequences of your case. Numerous customer satisfaction awards, because they put in the extra effort.

    Ana D.


    My Attorney Michelle Villanueva Skura helped me with my case and was able to drop charges. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle! I will recommend you to anyone seeking legal advise.

    Levi R.


    Michelle was a huge help always got back to me fast and has a wealth of knowledge. Very comforting to have her represent us.

    Andrew L.


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    Penalties For Sex Crime Convictions In Glendale

    Rights Protection With Our Glendale Sex Crimes Attorneys

    At Villanueva Skura, we know how important your rights are. That is why our attorneys vigorously defend each and every client that we have in each trial. Contact us today for a consultation.

    Possession Of
    Child Pornography

    A.R.S. § 13-3553 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12 Or Younger)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 35 Years
    Presumptive: 35 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: Life In Prision

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12, 13, Or 14)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 13 Years
    Presumptive: 20 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 27 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Under 18 Or Age 15+)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 6 FELONY)

    Prison: 0.33 Year
    Presumptive: 1 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 2 Years

    Of A Child

    A.R.S. § 13-1410 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Assault
    Or Rape

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 5 Years
    Presumptive: 7 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 14 Years

    Glendale Rape & Molestation Defense Lawyers

    Outstanding Sex Crime Defense From A Former Arizona Prosecutor

    When you bring Villanueva Skura aboard, you will have someone who was a former prosecutor on your team who can think like the opposing counsel. That can be quite an advantage.

    Cost-Effective Sex Crime Defense Legal Services

    Having to go to trial for a sex crime accusation can be stressful enough without having to consider your finances. Our rates are very affordable. You can focus on your trial, then.

    First Class Legal Representation For Sexual Assault Charges

    When you bring Villanueva Skura aboard, you will be getting the best criminal defense lawyers in Glendale. They will staunchly defend your rights and freedoms.

    Legal Consultations For Indecent Exposure Charges

    Have you been hit with a charge of indecent exposure? Hire our reputable attorneys at Villanueva Skura. They will give you quality representation. Contact us today for a consultation.

    Professional Legal Defense For Aggressive Sex Crimes Charges

    Should you find yourself facing these serious charges, you will need experienced and qualified attorneys by your side. Our skilled ones will give you the best representation.

    Comprehensive Legal Counseling For Sex Crime Charges

    When you sit in a courtroom as a defendant, you want a lawyer who is representing you to have done all their legwork. The lawyers from Villanueva Skura are that thorough.

    Local Sexual Misconduct Lawyers That Speak Spanish

    Sometimes a language barrier can lead to false accusations. We have lawyers who speak Spanish that can keep that from happening. Contact us today if you need a bilingual attorney.

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