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    Top-Rated Fountain Hills Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

    Felony Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Fountain Hills

    Facing sexual criminal charges is a critical situation, making it imperative that you consult with a San Tan Valley sex crimes lawyer right away. Arizona heavily prosecutes sex crimes of any kind, not to mention the lifelong consequences and social stigma that can be life altering for any individual. Contact Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law for expert legal guidance.

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    Five-Star Law Firm Near Fountain Hills

    Strategic Legal Representation For Sex Crime Cases

    Getting charged with a sex crime can be devastating for your reputation. You need to act quickly and talk with an attorney like our experienced attorneys at Villanueva Skura. We make sure to cover every aspect in order to provide quality legal representation and get the best possible outcome for our clients. This is why, after years of experience, we have many satisfied clients and we are considered one of the best criminal defense law firms providing services near Fountain Hills.

    Licensed Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Near You

    Quality Legal Representation For Sex Charges Near Fountain Hills

    If you have been accused of a sex crime, you want to have a dedicated attorney to fight for your rights. They will develop a successful strategy in the courtroom for a variety of charges.

    Sexual Abuse

    This is a very serious charge, so do not hesitate to contact a qualified Arizona sex crimes lawyer to represent you. We have the one for you.

    Molestation Of A Child

    When it comes to sex crimes, few are as horrifying and stigmatizing as this one. It can destroy your entire life if you are charged. We will carefully listen to your case and the reports and make sure the prosecution did the process right.


    Our trusted sex crimes attorneys are ready to provide Fountain Hills residents with a high quality defense against this serious charge.

    Sexual Assault

    The attorneys at Villanueva Skura are trusted when it comes to defending sexual assault charges. They are ready to serve the people of Arizona.


    Should you be charged with this serious crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney representing you. Our lawyers will give your case the attention you deserve.


    This is a difficult charge to overcome in the state of Arizona, but our top-notch criminal defense attorneys will give you the best representation possible.

    Sexual Misconduct

    Villanueva Skura has five-star rated criminal defense attorneys ready to represent you in a criminal defense case in Fountain Hills. They will go over the best strategy with you.


    This charge has very serious consequences if convicted. That means you need to make sure you get the right team of defense lawyers, and we have that at Villanueva Skura.

    Violent Sexual Assault

    You need to be proactive with consulting with a defense lawyer from Villanueva Skura if you find yourself being charged with this. Contact us for a consultation.

    Sexual Conduct With A Minor

    We are ready to defend Fountain Hills residents who have been accused of sexual contact with a minor. Our rates are very affordable, too.

    Statutory Rape

    This is a very serious charge that can have consequences that last for a very long time. If you find yourself being accused of this, contact us for affordable, high-quality representation.

    Indecent Exposure

    You will want the best criminal defense in Fountain Hills if you are charged with indecent exposure. Reach out to us at Villanueva Skura for a consultation.

    Possession of Child Pornography

    Should you find yourself charged with this, you need to immediately get legal counsel. Our criminal defense lawyers are ready to represent you.

    Sexual Exploitation of Children

    This is another horrifying charge that can derail both your life and your career if you are accused. Our lawyers will carefully listen to the specifics and devise a defense strategy.

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    Fountain Hills Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

    Fountain Hills Attorneys For Sexual Assault Allegations & False Accusations

    We are ready to step in and defend you against any sexual assault allegations, especially if they are false. You are entitled to the best defense possible and Villanueva Skura will do that for you.

    Our Clients’ Reviews About Our Legal Services

    Fountain Hills’ Most Trusted Sex Crime Defense Law Firm

    At Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law, our attorneys work diligently to ensure you are given a fair trial and that no stone is left unturned throughout your case. Our thorough approach and aggressive representation have earned us a strong track record of optimal outcomes and a multitude of five-star ratings. Visit our reviews page to hear directly from our clients!

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    I had recently gotten myself into some trouble and thanks to the help from Michelle I was able to get my charges dropped. The staff was very professional and kept me informed in every detail regarding my case. Definitely would recommend to any friends and family.

    Isaac V.


    Michelle was a huge help always got back to me fast and has a wealth of knowledge. Very comforting to have her represent us.

    Aus V.


    Fantastic group , focused , organized and caring.
    They have lots of experience in the area and have done a great job to date.

    Andrew L.


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    Penalties For Sex Crime Convictions In Fountain Hills

    Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Our Fountain Hills Sex Crime Lawyers

    Arizona is a Zero Tolerance state and heavily penalizes those convicted of sex crimes with hefty fines, jail time, and lifelong consequences. As a five-star rated San Tan Valley sexual assault defense law office, Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is committed to protecting your rights. Prosecutors work hard to convince others of your guilt, and mandatory laws are harsh!

    Possession Of
    Child Pornography

    A.R.S. § 13-3553 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12 Or Younger)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 35 Years
    Presumptive: 35 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: Life In Prision

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Age 12, 13, Or 14)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: Minimum 13 Years
    Presumptive: 20 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 27 Years

    Sexual Conduct With
    A Minor (Under 18 Or Age 15+)

    A.R.S. § 13-1405 (CLASS 6 FELONY)

    Prison: 0.33 Year
    Presumptive: 1 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 2 Years

    Of A Child

    A.R.S. § 13-1410 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 10 Years
    Presumptive: 17 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 24 Years

    Sexual Assault
    Or Rape

    A.R.S. § 13-1406 (CLASS 2 FELONY)

    Prison: 5 Years
    Presumptive: 7 Years
    Aggravated Maximum: 14 Years

    Fountain Hills Sexual Assault & Rape Defense Lawyers

    Outstanding Sex Crime Defense From A Former Arizona Prosecutor

    It is important to have someone in your corner who knows how the opposing counsel will think. Villanueva Skura has that with a former prosecutor on staff.

    Cost-Effective Sex Crime Defense Legal Services

    You won’t have to worry about your budget when you are represented by Villanueva Skura.

    First Class Legal Representation For Sexual Assault Charges

    Our experienced lawyers will give you the best defense on sexual assault charges.

    Legal Consultations For Indecent Exposure Charges

    Contact us to have our lawyers hear your specifics and craft a defense for you.

    Professional Legal Defense For Aggressive Sex Crimes Charges

    At Villanueva Skura, we have criminal defense attorneys who will fight for you if you are. charged with aggressive sex crimes.

    Comprehensive Legal Counseling For Sex Crime Charges

    It is our goal at Villanueva Skura to provide the best sex crimes defense for Fountain Hills residents.

    Local Sexual Misconduct Lawyers That Speak Spanish

    There will not be any language barrier issues when it comes to defending non-English speaking defendants. Villanueva Skura has attorneys that speak Spanish.

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    Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is available 24/7 to meet with you, so don’t wait! Call our office today at (480) 553-9699 to schedule your consult, or complete the online form below and one of our lawyers will reach out to you shortly. We are here to help, no matter how complicated your charges may be!

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