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    Arizona is a Zero Tolerance state when it comes to driving under the influence, and heavily prosecutes anyone facing charges. Conviction can have a hefty, lifelong impact on your personal rights, family, and career. With some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country, Arizona is not a state you want slapping you with DUI allegations. With a reputable Sun Lakes criminal defense law firm such as VIllanueva Skura Attorneys at Law on your side, you have the best chance at clearing your name and achieving an optimal outcome for your case. Call today and schedule a free case consultation with our legal team!

    Sun Lakes DUI: What You Need To Know When Stopped By Police

    It can be difficult to know what to do when you are notified of DUI charges. The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to talk your way out of the situation. Anything you say can and will be used against you! Remember and exercise your Constitutional rights to be represented by an attorney and to have that attorney present during the investigative process.

    Assert Your Right To Remain Silent

    Assert Your Right
    To Remain Silent

    Refuse The Field Sobriety Test

    Refuse The Field
    Sobriety Test

    Consent To The In-Custody Chemical Test

    Consent To The In-Custody Chemical Test

    Affirm Your Right To An Attorney

    Affirm Your Right
    To An Attorney

    Types Of DUI Charges Our Law Office Handles

    The Most Common DUI Charges Include

    Anyone facing DUI allegations in Arizona has the opportunity for a 100% free case consultation with our Sun Lakes DUI defense lawyers. This is where our lawyers take time to get to know you and the details of your situation, and you have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the legal options available to you for moving forward. You will never be pressured to hire our services; rather our overall goal is to establish two-way trust. If you do choose to work with Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law, we are prepared to defend your rights against a wide variety of drunk driving charges, including:

    Regular DUI

    Regular DUI refers to a BAC content of 0.08% or higher, or 0.04% for someone with a CDL.

    Extreme DUI

    Driving a vehicle with a BAC of 0.15% or higher is considered an extreme DUI.

    Super Extreme DUI

    If your BAC is 0.20% or higher within 2 hours of driving, you are charged with super extreme DUI.

    Drugs DUI

    Anyone operating a vehicle under the influence of a drug will be charged with a drug DUI.

    Simple DUI

    A first offense DUI in Arizona is considered simple, provided the BAC is between 0.08% and 0.149%.

    Underage DUI

    Anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 years and caught driving under the influence will face criminal charges.

    Marijuana DUI

    Individuals driving under the influence of a drug or inhalant containing a vapor-releasing substance will face a marijuana DUI.

    Aggravated DUI

    Anyone facing charges of their third DUI offense within 7 years could be convicted of aggravated DUI felony.

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    Best-Rated Drunk Driving Lawyers Near You

    Defending The Falsely Accused Against DUI Charges

    Whether the accusations against you are accurate or false, it is nearly impossible to overturn DUI charges on your own without the help of an experienced Sun Lakes drunk driving lawyer. Arizona is considered a Zero Tolerance state with very little grace for individuals facing DUI charges of any kind. Contact Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law for expert guidance and aggressive defense.

    Penalties For Under Age Drinking

    Underage Driving Under the Influence (21 or younger) is a class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by the following maximum and minimum penalties:

    • Jail time = 4 months
    • Fines = $750 (plus 83% surcharge)
    • Probation = 2 years
    • Mandatory 2-year license suspension (with the possibility of restricted privileges with interlock device installation)
    • Possible alcohol screening and recommended follow-up treatment
    • Possible DUI impact panel
    • Possible SR22 insurance

    Common DUI Charges For Minors

    A person found to be drinking underage may also be charged with the following, among others:

    • Minor in Possession
    • Open Container
    • Misdemeanor DUI
    • Fake ID
    • Soliciting Alcohol

    Some insurance companies may terminate or refuse to renew an auto-policy after the insured driver is convicted of an underage DUI.

    First Class DUI Lawyers Near You With Payment Plans

    Law Firm Near Sun Lakes With Years Of Experience In Drunk Driving Cases

    When you have a Sun Lakes drunk driving defense attorney with decades of experience under their belt, the chance of an optimal outcome and minimal consequences for your case are exponentially greater. You need a legal team who knows how to fight back against every angle the prosecution will throw at you during the investigation.

    Prosecutors will consider factors including police reports, histories, evidence, witness testimonies, and more as they attempt to convict you. Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law will work tirelessly to consider these factors and more as we build an individualized defensive strategy to ensure your rights are protected and correctly represented.

    Aggressive Legal Defense For Drunk Driving Cases

    There are many factors involved during the investigative process that are thoroughly examined, that play a key role in determining the outcome of your allegations. Prosecutors will consider if any prior convictions or charges are present, if any injuries or damages have occurred as a result of the DUI, and if any children or passengers were involved. You can expect the process to be thorough and detailed, so it is vital to seek the counsel of an experienced drunk driving defense law firm in Sun Lakes. VS Attorneys at Law is equally as aggressive and thorough, and will leave no stone unturned as we build an airtight strategy to win.

    Comprehensive DUI Criminal
    Offense Consultations

    Take advantage of our totally free case consultations available to anyone facing DUI charges in Arizona. We will discuss your situation and what steps can be taken to move forward.

    Qualified & Reliable
    DUI Lawyers

    Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Arizona criminal law. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity for representation!

    Cost-Effective DUI & DWI
    Attorneys Near You

    When you need thorough, cost-effective representation against DUI or DWI charges, VS Attorneys at Law is an excellent resource. We offer a variety of flexible payment plans to our clients!

    Strategic Plea Bargains
    For DUI Cases

    Schedule a consult with our five-star Sun Lakes DWI defense attorneys to discuss the option for a plea bargain and how it could benefit you.

    Experienced DUI
    Misdemeanor Lawyer

    With decades of experience representing clients in a wide range of DUI cases, the misdemeanor defense lawyers near you in Sun Lakes make sure your Constitutional rights are protected.

    Legal Defense Against
    Felony DUI Charges

    No matter how complicated your DUI charges may be, VS Attorneys at Law has the preparation and expertise necessary to help you navigate your next steps.

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