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    Types Of DUI Misdemeanors & Felonies Our Attorneys Handle

    When it comes to drinking and driving, Arizona is a Zero Tolerance state and heavily prosecutes anyone facing charges. Conviction of a DUI or DWI can have a significant impact on your immediate rights and freedoms, career, family relationships, and more. If you are facing DUI allegations, contact a reputable Mesa criminal defense law firm right away to discuss your situation in a free consultation. Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is on your side, dedicated to aggressively representing your rights and fighting for an optimal outcome.

    Mesa Lawyers For Regular DUI Charges

    Regular DUI

    Regular DUI charges refers to a BAC of 0.08% or higher, or 0.04% for individuals with a CDL. It is punishable by minimal jail time and fines.

    Mesa Lawyers For Extreme DUI And DWI Charges

    Extreme DUI / DWI

    Extreme DUI refers to a BAC of 0.15% or higher. Conviction leads to spending at least 30 days in jail and a minimum $2500 fine.

    Mesa Lawyers For Super Extreme DUI Charges

    Super Extreme DUI

    Super Extreme DUI refers to a BAC of 0.20% or higher within 2 hours of operating a vehicle. You face vehicle impoundment, jail time, and fines.

    Mesa Lawyers For Aggravated DUI Charges

    Aggravated DUI

    Individuals facing their third DUI offense within 7 years can be convicted of an aggravated DUI felony. You can lose your license for a year and be sent to prison.

    Mesa Lawyers For First-Offense DUI Charges

    First-Offense DUI

    A first offense DUI is considered a Simple DUI, provided the BAC is between 0.08% and 0.149%, with no other factors involved in the case.

    Mesa Lawyers For Underage DUI Charges

    Underage DUI

    Individuals under the age of 21 who are caught drinking and driving will face an Underage DUI charge and will face simple consequences including fines, community service, and more.

    Mesa Lawyers For Marijuana DUI Charges

    Marijuana DUI

    Anyone caught driving a vehicle under the influence of a drug or inhalant containing a vapor-releasing substance will be charged with a Marijuana DUI.

    Mesa Lawyers For Drug DUI Charges

    Drug DUI

    Any individual caught operating a vehicle under the influence of any drug, including prescription drugs from their doctor, can be charged with a Drug DUI.

    Professional Drunk Driving Lawyers Serving Mesa

    Common Defenses In DUI Cases

    There are many strategic ways to defend a client against any type of DUI charge in Arizona. Our Mesa drunk driving lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law are experienced and adept with the most common defenses to DUI allegations. We know how to take the law and apply it in a way that protects your rights and achieves an optimal outcome in your case.

    Violation Of The Right To Counsel

    Violation Of The
    Right To Counsel

    Inaccurate Breathing Test Reading

    Inaccurate Breath
    Test Reading

    Improper Administration Of A Breathalyzer

    Improper Administration
    Of A Breathalyzer

    Miranda Warning Violation

    Warning Violation

    No Probable Cause For Arrest

    No Probable
    Cause For Arrest

    No Evidence Of Actual Physical Control

    No Evidence Of Actual
    Physical Control

    What To Do When Stopped By The Police In Mesa, AZ

    It is vital to remember your Constitutional rights when you have been stopped under suspicion of DUI. Always be respectful and wait for an attorney before speaking to law enforcement.

    Step 1: Assert your right to remain silent


    Step 2: Refuse the field sobriety test


    Step 3: Consent to the in-custody chemical test


    Step 4: Affirm Your Right To An Attorney


    Mesa’s Leading DUI Defense Law Firm

    Reliable DUI Defense Lawyers Near You

    Face Drunk Driving Charges With Our DUI Attorneys

    Face Drunk Driving Charges
    With Our DUI Attorneys

    Whether the accusations against you are false or accurate, our Mesa drunk driving defense attorneys are equipped to fight aggressively in protecting your rights.

    First-Class Law Firm Specializing In DUI Defense In Mesa

    First Class Law Firm
    Specializing In DUI Defense

    With five-star ratings across the web and the AVVO Preeminent Rating, Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law is a top choice for all your legal defense needs.

    Protect Your Rights And Freedom From DUI Charges

    Protect Your Rights &
    Freedom From DUI Charges

    When you work with our Mesa drunk driving law firm near you, you have the best chance at an optimal outcome and minimal consequences.

    Client Testimonials

    DUI Defense Attorneys With 5-Star Rated Reviews

    Professionalism, Responsiveness

    The entire office is the best! What was a horribly stressful situation and something I didn’t think I could deal with was turned into something I could handle with ease. No one looked down on me or treated me with anything but respect. I highly recommend!!!!

    Dawn T. ★★★★★

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    If you want a caring and responsive lawyer who you can count on I’d highly recommend looking no further. MIchelle will be there for you during what is likely one of the worst times in your life and actually give you the priority and individual care that is needed from your lawyer. My son received a fully dismissal because of the amazing work of Michelle, on what could have been a very serious sentence due to how the law sometimes works in a failed manner.

    Dan P. ★★★★★

    they saved my life

    They clearly care about the work they do, they are very good people and they invest much time into your case to help you. Best money ever spent.

    C.P. ★★★★★

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    Why Choose Our Mesa DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Villanueva Skura Attorneys at Law carries decades of legal experience into every case we represent. We take your situation and your rights very seriously, and work diligently to gather all the necessary information, evidence, witness testimonies, police reports, and more as we build a tailored defense for you.

    • Qualified & Experienced DUI Attorneys Near You

    • Years Of Experience Winning DUI Cases

    • Legal Defense From A Former Arizona Prosecutor

    FAQs About DUI

    The best time to contact a DUI defense lawyer in Mesa is immediately following your charges. Whether you were just pulled over by law enforcement or received notification of the allegations against you, it is imperative to contact a law firm immediately. Everyone is entitled to a completely free, no-pressure consultation where your situation will be discussed and we will determine if you have a defendable case. Our lawyers at VS Attorneys at Law work tirelessly to consider every angle as we gather information and begin preparing to defend your rights and freedoms in court.
    In any DUI case, everything you say or do can and will be used against you. Even if you try to talk your way out of the situation or be overly cooperative with law enforcement, the prosecution will find a way to turn that against you. If you perform all testing and blood or breath tests requested immediately, there could be plenty of evidence for the prosecution to build a case against you. While it may look questionable if you refuse the field sobriety test in lieu of a blood test, you will have the best chance at your BAC being within acceptable range.
    Absolutely. All that is required to be charged with a DUI is for an individual to be in physical control of a vehicle while impaired or under the influence. Law enforcement does not look at where you are driving, but if in fact you are driving at all. There is still a strong chance that a person gets injured or killed, or property gets damaged, whether you were on private property or not. Contact a DUI defense lawyer right away to ensure the best chance at overturning your charges!
    Law enforcement is trained to look for several specific things when they suspect a drunk driver. Before they even pull the driver over, they will observe for any traffic violations such as speeding, swerving, or running stop signs. They must have reasonable suspicion of impaired driving. Once detained, the officer will be looking in the eyes of the driver to determine if the eye moves smoothly or jerkily to indicate intoxication. They will listen for incriminating statements, determine if they smell alcohol or see other signs of impairment, and may ask the driver to recite the alphabet or count backward.
    While some individuals may choose to plead guilty to their DUI charges and accept the consequences, it is always in your best interest to be represented by a lawyer no matter what. The attorney will help you determine if you are making the best decision given the circumstances and evidence, and will fight aggressively to ensure your Constitutional rights are being fully protected throughout the legal process. An attorney is available for guidance and support as you navigate your next steps, and will keep you from being taken advantage of by the prosecution.
    It is important to get your vehicle out of impoundment as soon as possible following your court process. Each day the car is parked there, the meter continues to run and rack up your bill. In most cases you will be able to regain possession of your vehicle after paying the necessary fines and administrative fees. However, you do have the option to appeal through the civil court instead of through the criminal court that handled your drunk driving charges. You will need to provide some proof of ownership and a photo ID as well.
    Many people think that because it is their first DUI charge, the consequences will be lenient and minimal. Relatively speaking, that may be true. However, for first-time DUI offenders in Arizona, the consequences are jail time for at least 10 days, a fine of at least $1250, and the requirement for alcohol screening, ignition interlock device, and community service hours. Any DUI conviction you receive after the first one will bring heftier consequences in all aspects.

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